Headshots for Impact.

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How many times have you seen a photo of someone on their website or LinkedIn page and made an immediate judgement about their character, be it good or bad?

Whether we like it or not we all make snap judgements about each other, whether in person or in a picture.

Now, we’ve all seen photographs on LinkedIn that look a little like the one below. Whilst it’s an exaggeration, it does help to illustrate how we feel when we view an image.


What does this image make you think about that person? He lacks care, perhaps, or an attention to detail?  Whatever your conclusion, it’s likely to be more negative than positive.

This next shot by comparison shows a much more likeable personality: relaxed and confident, but not over confident; perhaps someone you would warm to naturally.


Background and lighting can change the feel of the image, allowing you to tailor it to your specific need, as an organisation or as an individual.


I spent 40 years working in the corporate world for multinational companies, which involved making judgements on people, whether interviewing them or making deals. However much you try not to have preconceived ideas, how someone looks can set expectations.

Whilst there’s nothing new in this – we all know not to judge too quickly – having a bad image really puts you at a disadvantage, and why would you want to do that?


Headshot photographers can help you to define what it is you want your image to say. What you choose to wear, whether you sit or stand, your facial expressions – all of these  have an effect on the feel of the image, and therefore the impression it portrays.

A headshot of an insurance investigator, for example, would have a different feel from that of a teacher, and actors might need something specific for the role they are playing. Here are a few images with slightly different feels.



… and perhaps an actor requires a moody shot.


Our self consciousness can often get in the way of us creating excellent images of ourselves. A professional, with their control of lighting and understanding of what makes a great first impression, can help you to create head shots that make you look your very best.

So, why not take a look at your current profile and see if it could do with updating …

Peter Duce is a headshot and portrait photographer based in Somerset, covering the south of England.

For more information about Peter Duce Photography please use this link or call 07836 738032

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